Monster dad: Man beats 2-year-old, destroys one-eye, because boy mispronounced his sister’s name

Frustrated: David Lee Sinnett, 32, seen here in one of his many previous mugshots, was charged with child abuse after allegedly beating a 2-year-old boy with a hanger

A criminal with a violent past was charged with child abuse on Wednesday after he allegedly beat a 2-year-old boy with a wire hanger for mispronouncing his sister’s name.

The boy, who suffers from a speech impediment and whose name has not been released, now faces possible blindness in one of his eyes because of the severity of his injuries.

David Lee Sinnett, a 32-year-old man with a long criminal history, was questioned by police after the boy was brought into a hospital an hour’s drive from Tampa, Florida, with a black eye and bruising on his face, one of his shoulders, his back, and his buttocks.

Though Sinnett denied injuring the boy’s eye during his questioning by police, he did admit that he gets frustrated with the boy because he believes that the boy simply isn’t trying hard enough when he mispronounces names.

The names of the boy, his sister, and his mother- as well as their relation to Sinnett- have not been disclosed in an effort to protect the boy’s identity.

According to Bay News 9, Sinnett said that he only hit the boy on the back twice because he was too close to a wall outlet.

WTSP reports that Arlene Tilson, 29, was arrested for failing to help the child during the abusive incident, though it is also unclear what her relation is to anyone involved.


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