What does your favourite colour have to say about you personality?

Its amazing how your favourite colours can say a lot about your personality. Here’s a short quiz. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and arrange the colours red, yellow, violet, blue, black, brown green and grey according to preference and read what psychologists have to say about your personality.
Red represents passion and energy. Red lovers are impulsive sexy and have a will to win. They are good leaders, they want to expand their horizons and live life to the fullest. Red in seventh or eighth position means your dream for life and thirst for adventure has become less.
Yellow represents happiness and relaxation. Anyone who chooses yellow in second, third or forth place is a positive and an optimistic person who always looks to the future and never backwards. They find life easy and problems simply don’t exist for them. Free from worry they live a carefree life but this does not mean they r lazy. They are extremely hardworking although not consistently. Yellow in first place means you are ambitious and eager to please. When yellow is in the later part of the spectrum, you have had ur hopes and dreams dashed, you feel isolated and disappointed often becoming defensive and withdrawn.
Green represents firmness and its lovers are resistant to change. In the first place, they are persistent, possessive and quite selfish. They are a high achievers and accumulators of things like penthouse, rolex, holiday flat. They want to be recognised and need to impress but worry about the prospect of failure. If green is a later choice, ego has been bruised and have been humbled by the resistance to your progress. Consequently, critical, sarcastic and stubborn.
Violet represets a conflict between impulsiveness and calm sensitivity, dominance and submissiveness. The person who prefers violet wants a mystical, magical relationship. Both mentally and physically immature. You are stuck in a world of wishful thinking and fantasy. Often purple appears in the later part of the sequence for someone more mature and has outgrown the fantasy vision of life, confronting harsh reality head on.
Brown is a colour of physical well being and is an indicator of how healthy you think you are. If you put brown in the forth or fifth place, you are not so concerned about your health and body. This means you are probably in good shape. Those worried about illness tend to put brown earlier in the sequence. Brown as favourite colour, you are restless and insecure but also homey.
Grey is neutral and represent a portion between two contrasting motivations. Grey in first place means you want to shut yourself from everything and remain uncommitted so that you can swing with opinions and emotions. You are more of an observer than doer. Those who choose grey in the eighth position seek to join everything, eager and enthusiastic. They try absolutely everything in their effort to achieve their goals.
Blue represents calmness and loyalty. Blue lovers are sensitive and easily hurt. You never panic and are in total control of your life and are content with the way it is going. You desire to lead an uncomplicated and worry free life and are prepared to sacrifice certain goals inorder to achieve this, you need a stable relationship without conflict. Blue in later sequence, you are unsatisfied and feel the need to break from ties that restrict you but ud probably suffer in silence.
Black in first place, is probably in revolt against their fate, second, prepared to give up everything else to achieve what you want. Seventh or eighth, means balanced of outlook. If yellow preceeds black, then a change is on the way.


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