Nigerian politics

Nigerian politics is a strife of interests posing as a contest of principles. Politicians promise us heaven and earth before coming into power but when they do, even the little left on our plate, they take it away. The thriving political strategy is to supress the masses until they are too weak to fight so that when they give u a naira compared to the thousands/ millions we deserve and we feel priviledged. They conduct public affairs for private advantage. They make us believe that public funds, privileges and even justice are for the classes not the masses. Everyone struggles to belong to that group using whatever means possible hereby increasing the crime rate in the nation because it is impossible to survive as an average, simple man. Let us not succumb to the pressure, let’s not be distracted, let’s not give up, let us stand strong and fight and let’s never ever take our eyes off the goal that is to make our country can be a better place for our childrens generation.


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