The my oga on top interview.

For some days now, the media has been over swarmed with the phrase: “my oga at the top”, which emanated from the live interview @channels_TV granted Mr. Shem Obafaiye, The Lagos state commandant Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps. (NSCDC).
Various funny pictures have been created, tshirts made and everyone is talking and laughing
Whilst so many have chosen to turn this to a joke, I think it should be an eye opener for us.

Now, let’s glean some lessons from this;

1. Be up to date with the happenings around you at all times. Ignorance can be fatal. Don’t be left behind because you never know how some things might come to hunt you.
2. Regardless of your qualification, strive to possess a Sound Interpersonal Communication Skill (IPC). This will prevent you from making incoherent presentations.
3. Regardless of the case, be calm, remain yourself.
4. When asked a question and you don’t have an answer, please just open up by saying you don’t know. Better still, say you’ll get back to the person. This led the man to giving “ww.nscdc that’s all!” as the URL for his organization. Don’t EVER misinform people!
5. In this jet age, it will be highly calamitous to get ready. Please DON’T GET READY, LIVE READY! The man obviously wasn’t expecting the questions asked.
Bear in mind, that this same interview could have boosted Mr. Sham’s image if successful. ||« Sometimes, the path that leads to success may also lead to failure! »|| This is a lesson for us all!
Download video @


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