What to wear during hot season

Some people say beauty is pain but I say it feels good to look good. When u feel good inside, it boosts ur confidence and makes you more attractive whether as a lady or gentleman. Wearing a heavy but really nice and expensive designer jacket when its obvious you are burning inside only makes you look ridiculous. So use these tips, take advantage of your environment n look pretty.
1) Stick to natural fabric; natural fabric allows your skin to breathe, they circulate air and make sure your body temperature remains comfortably low.  Cotton, and linen are the best natural fabrics to wear in hot weather.
2) Avoid tight clothing; Tight clothing that hugs the body, especially if closely woven, will not allow air to flow over the skin.  You might want to stick with loose clothing. However note that too big clothing can make you look shabby, so check and balance is important.
3) Stick to light colours; black and other dark colours are heat absorbers unlike white and other light colours like cream, light blue, yellow etc that reflect sunlight and heat making you feel cool all day.
4) Wear a hat; A lightweight hat with ventilation keeps the direct sunlight off without trapping heat or making you sweat too much.
5) footwear;
You will want to keep you feet as dry as possible.  Fungus thrives in warm, dark and moist places.    The best footwear for hot weather are sandals and shoes that allow air get to your feet. 


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