You are standing in front of 2 doors guarded by 2 knights. One of the doors leads to misfortune while the other leads to fortune. The one leading to misfortune is guarded by a knight who always tells lies while the one leading to fortune is guarded by the knight who always says the truth. What question can you ask these knights inorder to know which to go through?

Suppose there is only one saloon in your town, and it employs two saloonists. One of the saloonists has a nice, neatly hairdo. The other’s hair is a complete mess. Which of the two saloonists should you go to and why?


Things to do with little or no cash

Broke and bored? Who said you have to have money to have fun? Ever notice how kids have so much fun without any cash. Just because you and your friends are broke doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. All you’ve got to do is find that little kid inside, be creative and you are gonna do great. Here are some ideas
Make a funny video on your camcorder. Dance, hiphop freestyle, interview whatever
Go to a game centre and play games. Like soccer, car race, combat, adventure etc
Organise a fashion show using your wardrobes casual, sports, traditional, cooperate, whatever. They’d be judges and awards
Go for a horror or comedy movie marathon, no lights, get popcorn and al.
Bring back coloring books and puzzle books.
Go swimming and have water Balloon fights
Go hiking with friends or organize a mini picnic.
Play different games using cards highest number out, jackpot, donkey ass, cheat or split.
Imitate different accents and vote who did it best.
Learn a skill or an activity like horse riding, bike riding, truck/kekenapep driving, knitting, beads making, braiding nothing major
Hook two of your friends up.
Invite friends to a come chop. Doesn’t have to be something major.
Bet in a game of snooker
Play board games
Treat yourself to a nice hotel, best meals and all of it for a day.
Make homemade cards
Play name, place, animal game.