The proposal

It was the evening of her 25th birthday, the hall was beautifully decorated using red and white which were her favorite colors. Caterers and ushers were all in place, the guests had already arrived and everyone was having a good time. Heads turned as she walked in looking even more glamorous than usual in her long red dress. Her long black shiny hair looked as stunning as always. As she walked in, she was welcomed with lots of smiles from friends and family. She was confused because she thought she was having a simple dinner with her boyfriend. Even amidst her confusion, she still surrounded herself with an aura of confidence. She spotted her boyfriend from afar and the look on his face told her everything she needed to know. As they walked towards each other, the hall grew more quiet. “Happy birthday honey” he said as he embraced her and gave her a peck on her forehead. He told her how beautiful she looked and how much joy she had brought to his life. Not withstanding the fact that he was almost twice her age, he had grown very fond of her over the months. Before she had time to catch a breath, he went down on one knee and brought out a diamond ring from his pocket. The hall grew even more quiet than it already was as all the ladies both single and married awed in the background. He then said to her, “will you spend the rest of your life with me?” ….. The air became very tense because 10 seconds had gone by and there he was still on one knee. Everyone was staring while they all waited for a reply.

“Definitely not honey.” she replied after which she walked away. As those words came out of her mouth, he felt as though a spear was pierced into his heart, he felt as though ice ran through his body. He really didn’t see that coming. He was still trying to figure out what just happened as he felt everyone’s eyes melting his skin. He wished he could open the ground and enter, disappear or perhaps wake up from this nightmare. His knees grew very weak but somehow, he managed to get up and follow her. Embarrassed, heart broken and confused at the same time, he hurried up and caught up with her outside and he was able to make her stop. “what was that about?” He asked. She looked at him and said, “i’ve got a story I want to tell you.” “I’m in no mood for stories. What was that all about. I thought you said you loved me and wanted to be my wife. I was only trying to make it formal. What were all those talks about saving it for our wedding night all about?” he replied. She went on as though he had not spoken a word. Once upon a time, she started. There were two sisters who lost their parents in a car accident. They went through very hard times but life was easier because they had each other. When the elder one was 23, she met a young man who seemed to be desperately in love with her. He made her his wife and promised to make her the happiest girl on earth. After the ceremony, she moved into his house with her kid sister who was only 8 years old. Barely months into the marriage, he started abusing her physically. One afternoon, when she tried to get away, he beat her up, threw her down the stairs and left her lying down there unconscious. The little girl who watched the whole drama as she hid under a table ran to her sister and tried to wake her up as tears rolled down her cheeks but she wouldn’t wake up. She ran upstairs, got a phone and called an uncle for help. The good news is, she managed to survive even though she was severely wounded emotionally. She became an emotional wreck. This young child grew up to be this beautiful lady standing in front of you. Ashley? He screamed. She then said, “I never knew you will provide me with such a perfect scenario to dump your ass but here we are” It was then he realized that he had been living in a fools paradise. The girl he had desperately fallen in love with was just a girl earnestly seeking revenge for her sister. He looked at her and said, I’m truly sorry for the way I treated your sister. I have regretted it everyday of my life and if I were to turn back the hands of time, I would definitely do things differently. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she walked to her black Lexus he had bought her for valentine and drove off. As time went by, the guests dispersed as everyone talked about the event of the evening. There he was driving back home alone with his driver at the back of his limousine. This was not how he imagined the night would end. Staring out the window, he thought about all the sorts of things he had done in the past, all the beautiful moments he had shared with Ashley and all the time and money he had invested in her.

My lala land

Building a beautiful city of plastic bricks
Where everyone lives like kings and queens
No pain, no sadness.
Just love and happiness.
Only people with positive energies make it in.
No heart racing, no heart crushing and no mind wandering.

I look stunning in my beautiful dress, pretty hair.
Laughing so loud with beautiful people till I feel my ribs cracking.
Driving my cadillac, listening to loud beautiful music and singing along with happy people.
And I don’t have to worry about nothing.

Life’s perfect, don’t wanna know what anyone has to say.
Tired of trying to figure things out.
What to wear and what not to wear.
When to smile and when not to smile.
What to say, and what not to say.
What to do and what not to do.
How to feel and how not to feel.
How to fit into the real world.
I want a day when I can live in my lala land.

Story of my Life

”It should have been you not your mother” were the last words he said as he took his last breadth. I remember it as though it was yesterday. Sitting down on his hospital bed, staring into his weak and feeble eyes. The evening was cold, the sun had long set and darkness was already creeping in. I was only a 4 year old girl. I pondered over and over again what I ever did wrong. Whether it was my fault he had lost the love of his life while I was being born. Despair filled my heart as I looked into the eyes of the man who was supposed to be my father. All I could think about then were all the nights I cried because I was sent outside to sleep, all those times I was beaten mercilessly without having a clue of what I had done wrong. Aunty grace who was sitting down on the white plastic chair next to the bed stood up, carried me and put me on her laps. She then said to me, don’t worry child, everything is going to be all right. As I sat on her laps and listened to the words that came out of her mouth, for once in my life, I felt safe. I knew she meant every word she had said. I then remembered all those days she would sneak to bring me food, beg my dad on my behalf when I was sent to sleep outside. I knew I was supposed to be sad because I just lost my father but I felt peace like never before. As the years passed by, aunty grace kept her promise. I called her mummy because she was the mother I never had. She made me forget all about the hardship I had undergone during my early years. She worked many jobs to make sure we had food to eat and still have enough to pay my school fees. She did everything to make me happy because she loved me dearly. I remember one hot Sunday afternoon when I was 9 years old, she had gone out for her usual hustling while I slept at home. I woke up only to notice the whole room was smoky. I tried to find my way out of the house only to notice that I had been trapped inside by fire. I cried and cried but no one came to my rescue. After some time, I gave up because I was becoming weaker and weaker. I then heard my aunty screaming my name. she had come to my rescue. Joy filled my heart because for a minute, I thought I was going to die. She had rushed back home on hearing about the fire and despite efforts made by neighbors to prevent her from coming into the house, she had come for me. she wrapped a blanket around me and carried me. We both made it out alive but she sustained severe burns which we couldn’t afford to treat completely. She got fired from her various jobs, lost most of her friend and even her fiancé walked out on her. She had no choice but to engage in frying akara and some other petty tradings in order to make ends meet. She was able to send me through primary, secondary school and also the university. I graduated with a 2-1 after which I went for my one year law school program. I got a job in one of the biggest law firms earning 150,000 naira for a start. Life was beautiful. A true story of from grass to grace. As the months and years passed by, I made more and more money and was able to rub shoulders with all the biggest girls  in town. I built myself a duplex. I began to get carried away with all the money and fame. I began to call my aunty less and with time, I stopped calling all together. I changed my number so she was also unable to get to me. Despite how much I had wronged her, the love of a mother is immeasurable they say. She was able to trace me to Abuja. As she knocked on my gate, the gate keeper kept sending her away because she looked very tattered, she smelled horribly, her feet were all white from all the trekking, her belongings were in a GMG and she looked very unkempt. She insisted she was my mother and she wasn’t going anywhere until he let her see me. After severe persuasions, the gate keeper came and told me. When I went out, I saw this woman who had given away all her life just to make mine worth living. Tears filled her eyes as she said, my daughter, how are you? She looked a lot older than her age and even though I felt very ashamed of myself, I pushed her away when she came to hug me. How will I introduce this woman to my friends as my mother I thought to myself. I then turned to the gatekeeper and said, send this woman away because I do not know her. There she sat in front of my gate, not knowing where to go to. She had exhausted all her resources trying to find me, only to be denied. She couldn’t belief that the one thing in her life worth living for was gone.