You never know until you try.

Growing up as a little girl, I always wondered,
If I jump, will I fly or will I fall?
If I bite my finger, will it tickle or will it hurt?
If I fall asleep will I dream of flowers or will I dream of monsters?
If I lick this sweet, will I ask for another or will I spit it out?
As I grow older I realize, you never know until you try.

You always wonder,
Will this dress make you look pretty or will it make you look shabby?
If you say hi, will you be smiled at or will you be shunned?
If you download this song, will you put it on replay or will you delete it?
If you go out with your friends, will you have a good time or will you have an awful time?

Whether you are 5 years old, 20 years old or even 50, you will always be faced with situations.
It might not be as easy as falling asleep or trying out a new dress.
Some might be life changing or threatening.
But you never know until you try.

Stepping into the unknown is never easy, Its scary
Because there is a chance you will get burned or crushed.
But no matter what happens,
Life goes on.

And even though you will have to live with the decisions you make,
Never let experiences break you.
They should make you stronger and believe it was just meant to happen that way.
Its better to try and get hurt than to wonder what if.