Your potential is too high to waste.

I will make your future very bright.

You are too precious to suffer.

Allow me turn your life around.

I will make you see the beautiful side of this world.

You will be a queen and people will worship you.

His words seemed sincere and i trusted him.

That was four years ago.


Now waking up, my body hurts terribly.

This was not the life I was promised.

Where did all these scars come from?

All around me, were whips and cuffs scattered all over the room.

It was then I realized this was no dream at all.

It was all so real

The pieces started coming back in bits.

So many men, all so mean.

Sometimes, I plead and plead all to no avail.


Days have turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.

I had to do everything they ordered and do it well.

I did my best.

But the whip seemed to be a vital part of each day.

I trembled at the sound of his voice even if i had done nothing wrong.

I slaved all day but all that mattered was I looked attractive when they came.

He owned me and he did with me as he pleased.

I never dared to utter a word.


Feels like forever since I last smelled home.

The village life I once dreaded started to feel like paradise.

Get dressed bitch, don’t keep the customers waiting.

But I’m still sore from yesterday was always the thought on my mind.

This was a daily routine but somehow, I could never get used to it.

Each day I prayed to God to give me the courage to take my life.

The hope of returning home someday was fading away.


It was 10:00am.

My boss called out for me and I knew it was time to work.

I put on a short gown and hurried out.

He was old enough to be my grand father.

His hair was all grey, he had a pot belly and smelt like garlic.

But I had to keep smiling.

Without any reluctance, he threw me on the couch and started getting undressed.

He was through with me in 3 minutes but it felt like hours.

How can I ever get used to this?


Shortly after, there was a knock on the door.

Another customer again? I thought to myself.

He wanted a private session.

So I walked into the room and reluctantly started taking off my clothes.

But he asked me to stop.

He was not like any of them.

He had compassion in his eyes and he dint hurt me like they did.

He asked me a few questions and promised me that everything was going to be fine.

It was the first time anyone was nice to me in a very long time.


He came back every week for the next few months

Each time, he requested for a private session.

He paid his fees but only wanted to talk.

He brought me gifts and spoke kindly.

I couldn’t help but wonder what his hidden agenda could be.

I didn’t know men like that existed in this part of the world.

He made life a bit more bearable for me.


Hearing different voices coming from outside,

I rushed to see what was happening.

And there he was.

But this time, he was not alone.

There were 3 heavily built men with him.

To the corner was my boss.

The man who had literally made my life a living hell.

He was in cuffs but his face still looked strong and mean.

Confusion was written all over my face.


It’s time to go home. I heard a friendly voice say.

We have enough to put him away for a very long time.

And I will make sure he never hurts anyone again.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

For I had wished for this day over and over but I never thought it will ever come.


Sadness then filled my heart.

I didn’t know how to go home.

How do I gather the pieces of my life?

I have nothing to live for anymore.

I am broken beyond repairs.












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