Insomnia, anxiety and mental exhaustion.

It’s been forever since I saw you or  heard your voice.

But I still see your face.

And the sound of your laughter still haunts me.

You said it was always going to be just you and i.

But you lied.

I should despise you but I can’t seem to stop loving you.


Everyone warned me to stay away from you.

But you were like a magnet that kept pulling me close.

Your eyes are enchanting and you could make me do your bidding any day.

I didn’t mind because pleasing you made me happier.

You had an aura  that could get any man enthralled.

I have fallen so deep and I can get up.


You could have picked a movie star, a billionaire in some part of the world or anyone one else

But you didn’t.

It had to be my best friend.

I was right there but I didn’t see anything.

You betrayed me and crushed my heart but I still yearn for you.

They say there is a thin line between love and hate but I can’t seem to cross the line.


The thought of you in his arms infuriates me.

What am i supposed to do with all these feelings?

I can’t function without you.

I hate you and I love you.

Please tell me when you will be coming back home.


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