She was sitting in a bar alone gradually sipping a glass of red wine while enjoying the light music that was playing in the background.

She was supposed to meet with her friend but she called to say she had to work.

She noticed a group of men harassing a young man at a corner.

Although she wondered what was happening, she didn’t do or say anything.


Shortly after, a man walked up to them and after a few minutes of dialog, everyone dispersed.

He was tall with very broad shoulders. He had short black hair, wore a straight blue jean and a grey fitted T shirt  that showed off his perfect physique.

He was the sexiest man she had ever seen and his swirling aura of command only amplified his physical appeal.

She starred at him for a while and took her face away.


Barely 10minutes after the incident,

He walked up to her and introduced himself as Rohelleo.

His deep masculine voice sent waves down her body.

She was overwhelmed he even noticed her out of the crowd.

Deep down she knew it was time to go.

But something kept her glued to the seat.

He sat down and ordered a drink.

They talked for over an hour.

That was the best conversation she ever had.

He was funny, sensitive and seemed to know exactly what to say at the right time.

When it was late, he walked her to her car and told her he would like to see her again.

So she gave him her number.


They went out on several dates.

She had a great time each time and looked forward to seeing him again.

She  told him she wanted to take it slow because she just got out of a relationship.

He told her he enjoyed spending time with her and he was willing to wait till she’s ready.
One evening she was enjoying a plate of sea food with Rohelleo.

They were in a private corner of the restaurant of one of the most exquisite hotels in the city.

The lights were dim lights and he sat next to her on a couch by the table.

Light music was playing as they talked about different things.


He held her hand and told her how much he had enjoyed spending time with her over the last few weeks.

He then slid closer to her causing his legs to touch hers.

She felt a degree of warmth.

The smell of his perfume was intoxicating and gave her a sensation of physical craving.


He cupped her face with his big hands and stared into her big brown eyes.

He then kissed her softly at first and then with swift gradation of intensity that made her cling to him.

His insistent lips sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking a sensation in her she had never known she was capable of feeling.


She managed to pull herself back and told him she was not ready.

He apologized for his actions and told her how weak he becomes whenever he was around her.

He told her he had to go and how hard it was for him to hold back.

He settle the bill and then tore a sheet of paper from a jotter and scribbled a number on it.

“That’s my room number, I really hope you swing by tonight.” he said.


She stared at the piece of paper for a very long time.

She thought of Rohelloe  and she thought of what she wanted.

Her mind and body were at conflict.

Her mind told her to go home but her body won’t let her.


About 20minutes after Rohelloe had left, there she was knocking at his door.

He opened the door within seconds.

He was shirtless and wore a pair of shorts.

The curves and angles on his chest made him look even more attractive than he was.

Without saying a word, he held her with one while shutting the door with the other.

He pulled her closely and kissed her passionately.


He turned her around and helped her unzip her dress while he kissed her neck.

This time, she dint push him away.

She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

The fierce feeling she was having was a feeling she had never felt before.

He made love to her all night.

Best night of he life.


She kept seeing Rohelloe for months,

They made love all the time even in the strangest of places.

Each session being more explosive than the former.

She couldn’t comprehend what she was feeling.

The fire was burning inside her and her thirst for him could not be quenched.


Each time they met, she told herself it was the last time.

But she always came back running.

She wanted him more and more.

She just couldn’t get enough.


One day, while they sat under a tree in a park enjoying the cool breeze that was blowing,

He told her he had some business he had to take care of that will keep him out of town for a month.

Her face changed as she dropped her head down.

She knew she was going to miss him so much.

Noticing her reaction,

He raised her chin, looked at her and told her he will be back before she knows it.

The conviction in his voice made her feel better.


A week later, he was out of town.

They talked all the time when he left.

But as time went on, he began to call less.

She complained about it but he assured her that it was only because he was busy.

Eventually, the calls stopped coming in entirely.

She waits all day by the phone but his call never comes through.


She was also unable to reach him and she was going crazy.

At first she was mad but later, she became worried.

She couldn’t help but wonder where he was or how he was doing

She missed him dearly and yearned to see him, hear his voice and feel his touch


She watched and counted as minutes turned to hours, hours to days and days to weeks.

She consoled herself that the feeling will eventually fade away but they became stronger with each passing day.


She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t focus at work.

She was completely miserable.

The hope of seeing him or hearing is voice was fading .

But she had no choice but to hold on to every shred of hope she could find.





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